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Holiday Motel Oakdale offers close proximity to the following airports:

Modesto City County Airport

Located in Modesto, California, Modesto City County Airport Oakdale is the home of the Modesto Air National Guard Base. The airport is also the headquarters of the Modesto County Airport Authority. The airport has two runways and handles general aviation traffic as well as commercial air service. It is also a hub for the Central Valley Regional Transit District (CVRTD).

In addition to its primary function as a regional airport, Modesto City County Airport Oakdale plays an important role in the community by providing essential services to the surrounding area. These services include emergency response, aircraft maintenance, training services, and more.

The airport offers a variety of amenities to its visitors, including a restaurant, gift shop, and conference center. In addition to these facilities, the airport offers free Wi-Fi and charging stations for both vehicles and aircraft.

Modesto City County Airport Oakdale is a vital part of the regional transportation network and provides essential services to local residents and businesses. The airport offers easy access to both commercial and general aviation facilities and is a popular destination for fly-ins and fly-outs from all over Northern California. Whether you're flying in for business or pleasure, make sure to check out Modesto City County Airport Oakdale!

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